Roster Move: 5/7/14

ambrizAfter back-to-back extra inning games against the Royals, the Padres made a roster move today, recalling RHP Hector Ambriz from Triple-A El Paso to add some depth to the pitching staff.

Ambriz appeared in 43 games for the Astros last season and is 1-0 with a 1.62 ERA with the Chihuahuas in 2014.

To make room on the 25-man roster, INF Jace Peterson was optioned to El Paso after 10 games up with the Padres. He made his Major League debut on April 25th in Washington, collecting his first Big League hit in his first plate appearance.


So because relief pitchers are babies who can’t throw more than 15 pitches in a game the team is left with 0 backup infielders with Headley still out. Brilliant.

Seriously agree with above comment. Jace was an excellent addition to the team. Disappointed in this decision.

Peterson was going down Friday anyway when Headley comes back. If there is a need at short or second today or tomorrow, Amarista can shift over from third and Alonso would replace Alexi at the hot corner.

another dumbass comment by someone who thinks he knows more than people in the business

They need to get rid of Headley anyways.

Seriously agree with above comment. Jace was an excellent addition to the team. Disappointed in this decision.

How about bats? This is ridiculous. Lowest run support in MLB, so no wonder we are losing. Erlin goes out and throws a gem and gets a no decision? Invest in bats…. Grandal is a start, let Maybin take over, don’t just sign old scrubs who are past their primes.

Seriously DISagree with comments above. Our bullpen is shot and we need arms. It’s not permanent, you send guys up and down as needed, that’s how it works folks. We have enough bodies on the bench and Jace wasn’t producing or even playing so who cares? Are these comments from Jace’s family??

btw Jace Peterson average .174. If we need him on the bench then we’re screwed anyways.

Do we have anyone in the minors who knows how to bunt???

Fresh relief arms are needed during a long season.. Once Headley and Quentin are back doing their thing, without injury hopefully, this offense takes off in June, especially if management adds a solid bat off the bench come trade deadline.

kvgrekop: Jace is a better option than Amarista.

Both sides of the coin need polishing up. The bullpen as well as the starting pitching has done a good job so far. However, the Pads have lost several one run games while leaving runners on base (LOB) that’s due to the lack of slugging percentage. Therefore, let’s go out and trade some future prospects for a couple hitting machines! We need to put together a 10 game winning streak so buy some hitters!

Another yr. and another boring product so far. Definition of insanity?? Doing the same thing over and over again.. The Padres flat out stink.. Competitive? Check. Heart? BIG CHECK.. Talent to consistently hit the baseball and clutch up?? Not since Cam, Finley and Co.

Quentin back from injury? That is a joke he has’t even played one full season of games since we got him. Headley has a great glove but no bat half a season doesn’t make you a proven hitter. We need to get some bats in this line up way to many guys under 200 let alone 250.

Lol @ dennis karpinen…….yah another dumbass comment by someone who believes in the people in the business is making the right decisions here…….keep in mind “these people who are in the business” are shopping your catcher to keep this cheating catcher you have now…..good luck with that

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