Padres Announce Organizational Changes

sdAfter a disappointing start to the 2014 season, in which the team lost 43 of its first 75 games, the Padres announced today that Executive Vice President/General Manager Josh Byrnes has been relieved of his duties.

Byrnes, who was hired by then-owner Jeff Moorad in December of 2010, was promoted to general manager following the 2011 season.

In his two-plus years as General Manager, the Padres had a 184-215 record (.461), including 76-86 records in 2012 and 2013. The team released the following statement:

SAN DIEGO – The San Diego Padres today announced that they have relieved Executive Vice President/General Manager Josh Byrnes of his duties.

“This ownership group is committed to fielding a team that consistently competes for postseason play,” said Padres President and CEO Mike Dee. “Thus far this season, the results on the field have been mixed at best and clearly have not lived up to expectations. After a lengthy evaluation of every facet of our baseball operations, we have decided to make this change today.”

“The search for a new General Manager begins immediately,” Dee said. “We are looking for someone who can define, direct and lead this franchise’s baseball philosophy for years to come.”

Until the role is filled, the “office of the general manager” will be comprised of Senior Vice President, Baseball Operations Omar Minaya and Assistant General Managers AJ Hinch and Fred Uhlman, Jr. on an interim basis.

The announcement capped off a tough week for the Padres organization as the franchise lost the iconic Tony Gwynn, who was memorialized at a private family ceremony on Saturday.

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Can I apply for GM?

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fire the idiot or idiots that wasted a draft selection on Jonny Manzeil, made the Padres look more foolish in front of the entire baseball world.

About time….. Let’s bring Towers back!

Really towers? He has burried the dbacks in horrible trades and signings towers time as a gm is done he his outdated on today’s game! Adapt or die

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Well…that’s a start. We must begin to act as professionals and begin signing better free agents. We do not need cast offs. Let’s also bring up some of our youngsters and find out what they can do. If other teams can do this, why can’t the Padres?

Omar needs to go as well, he ruined the Mets for decades not he’s trying to do the same to my Pads…

Minaya is a cancer that must go. Everywhere he has gone teams finished at the bottom. The bleeding must stop with the firing of Omar miniya.

It’s about time. Now we need to hire Kim Ng like we should have several years ago. Then fire Black or at the very least demote him to bench coach. Hire a better offensive minded coach.

Nice smoke and mirrors scapegoat move, you have to have a competitive payroll to compete consistently in MLB as there is no salary cap. Until then, we will always field a team that most top college programs could beat. If a GM does strike Gold and finds a Blue chip player (Adrian Gonzalez), he will just leave us to a team that can pay his true fair market value. So until MLB levels the playing field, Padres please don’t insult our intelligence with these kinds of sham personnel moves!

You don’t have to have a competitive payroll I.e Tampa, Oakland, even Pittsburgh and Miami now are getting back to being postseason teams with less then hundred million dollar payrolls

Really? We have been hearing that for years. I agree with Art, drafting Manzeil was embarrassing and purely a publicity stunt. Just like firing the stadium announcer and conducting a talent contest sideshow. Of course San Diego would like to see a World Series run, but how about starting with an entertaining team to watch on the field?

Robert Robert Robert I disagree with you my friend, Buddy is a good manager with no offense to put out on the field, management has handcuffed him with no free agents or homegrown offense.

Mighty Mike exactly…you my friend are right on!

Josh ruined the diamondbacks and Omar ruined the Mets but for some reason the Pads end up with that atrocious pair.

Actually the dbacks were ruined by the 2001 team that was put together the dbacks were paying players 10 Years after they had been gone

it’s not management it’s owners that wont pay. they need to pay players.

Four teams in this year’s bottom six of payroll—Oakland, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Tampa Bay—made the playoffs last year. Only three teams in the top six did.

1. LA Dodgers
2. NY Yankees
3. Philadelphia Phillies
4. Boston Red Sox
5. Detroit Tigers
6. LA Angels
21. San Diego Padres
25. Oakland A’s
26. Cleveland Indians
27. Pittsburgh Pirates
28. Tampa Bay Rays
29. Miami Marlins
30. Houston Astros

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They need to make changes in their minor league operations as well. Some of the moves they make absolutely boggle my mind.

It’s starts with a strong GM who is not afraid to face the owner about investing some of the dough they rake out of us fans every years on true major league players & not just some prospect that always gets traded anyways.

And Kevin that team won it all!!!

Good that means a step in better direction ( prayer dose work, keep the faith people!) next did anyone notice the mission statement! Please management in the name of The Lord change your statement to ” we are not only pursuing the post season but a victory win in the World Series! Gotta dream big people!

Padres need players not a different GM. What’s Byrnes ERA? What’s Byrnes hitting with RISP? Ownership is throwing up a smoke screen to obscure the fact that they’re not willing to spend $ to bring in high level players that will create a playoff caliber team. They keep the bottom line in the black resulting in the ball club staying at the bottom.

Disagree. It is not how much as much as how it is spent. This was the obvious first change. If you have no faith in your GM, you don’t have that person make the needed future decisions. To me it’s not far enough. Manaya, Stein and Hinch all have their prints on this as well.

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Well, that’s some progress. Next, fire Bud Black. He’s a nice guy but he doesn’t have the leadership skills to shepherd a baseball club into the postseason. It’s time to embrace some tradition and bring solid baseball people into these two positions. Bring back Kevin Towers. Kevin is the most successful GM in Padres history. Then, hire Trevor Hoffman as new manager. If Brad Ausmus can be given a shot, Trevor — a sharp guy who knows baseball — can too.

The beginning of this mess was MLB allowing Moorad to purchase on a payment plan with no intention of ever letting the sale be final. The Pad had their guys with Hoyer and Mcload and Moorad couldn’t shove them out fast enough.

I would look at the Cardinals who have been the example of a comprehensive program year after year building a competitive club in a smaller market. The top to bottom culture in this franchise needs to change. This next hire will show how serious the current ownership group is.

The problem is that everybody thinks they have the answer to what ails the Padres. If it was a simple fix then it would have been done years ago. The Padres are not just 1 player away from contending. They do not have a good team, they do not have a good farm system and they do not have a good front office. What they do have is great fans who are looking for a playoff team that can finally win a World Series title. Minaya, Byrnes etc….they all need to go. Black is a fine manager, he just needs to be able to put a lineup on the field that can compete and win 65% of the time. They don’t have this with the players on the present roster. I don’t see any players in the minor leagues that will make it any different. Why can’t the Padres develop a farm system with players that actually succeed in the Majors. Most of the prospects flame out as 4A players or develop when they get traded to other systems. That would start with the scouts and end with the General Manager. Mediocrity is not something fans or the team should strive for or accept. It should be something that disappoints everybody involved. The Padres can compete in a small market setting. They will compete in a small market setting or they will be looked upon as a franchise that can be moved somewhere else. Time to blow up the roster and start fresh with a solid base. We as Padres fans have waited far too long for a championship. We can wait a little longer if things are done right. Feel free to argue, complain or voice opinions to what I have written. I love seeing the passion come out when we all cheer for a bad organization that promises but never delivers.

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The Padres problems go back to when they severed ties with Bruce Bochy. Bruce is a winning manager and has gone on to win two rings. How do you let him go? Big, big mistake.

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Fire Bud Black and bring back Randy Ready as head coach.

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They fired the right guy. Now go get the right guy.

Now fire the hitting coach

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It’s been a tough year but I am tired of languishing in mediocrity and I want a winner in San Diego. I am tired of losing!

At this point in the season, when your 150 AB or more players average the following:


“Well, THERE’S your problem!”🙂

The pitching is all that keeps my Padres alive. The front office has no commitment to the fans. They don’t want October baseball in San Diego, not if it costs them more money to field a better offense.

The “Padre” way is to get a few good arms at a bargain, and roll the dice with questionable offensive talent that every 7 years MIGHT get you a wild card birth, or even a division. But of course that’s only if they all happen to peak the same year. I’m so sick of this pattern since I was a kid. It’s Flea-Market talent strategy. AND, if they do find a steal of a deal… they flip the talent back onto the market for a profit after 1-2 years, just in time for OTHER teams to make a run for October.

Every. Single. Year. “Welcome to San Diego, home of the NL’s FUTURE all-stars, AFTER we trade them away.”

I can always tell a bad season is coming when even the management of Padres baseball call it “… a rebuilding year.” Padre fans already know EVERY year is a rebuilding year. So, when they feel the need to remind us of that, we can take odds on it being a .350 or .400 year. At least when they say, “We’ll make a run for October,” we MIGHT have a .500 club that season.

Bless Buddy Black for doing so much with what that front office gives him every year.

With that being said, I’ll be making the drive from Phoenix to Petco Park on Thursday June 26th to say goodbye to Mr. Padre, Tony Gwynn, at 19:19 hours.

The front office could learn a lot about work ethic, and commitment to being the best by watching Tony’s old interviews, and instructional videos.

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