Goodbye Colorado…Hello LA

Cleveland Indians v San Diego PadresPadres manager, Bud Black, stopped to chat about the current state of the team before the Friars take on the Rockies for game three of the series.

Black spoke on the altitude change that the players faced, today’s starting pitcher Eric Stults, the upcoming series against the Dodgers, and a few injury updates.  

  • On the altitude in Colorado and its effect on players, Black says that “Over the years during day games or longer games the guys are effected by the altitude. None have been hospitalized like Jair Jurrjens was recently. Our guys prep with hydration, nutrition and plenty of sleep. This environment affects the players differently.”
  • Stults has sped his delivery up, which has helped his fastball velocity. He spends less time between pitches to help his groove and keeps hitters off balance. Those things have helped his success recently.
  • Clayton Kershaw is in the way back of Buddy’s mind for tomorrow.  However, it’s on the players mind a little bit.  They know that when the game starts that everything is about today, but everyone is aware of who is pitching tomorrow.
  • In Buddy’s opinion, Kershaw is in the Sandy Koufax /Steve Carlton/ Ron Guidry territory. In the last four years, he’s put himself in a good place. When he first came up, he had a good fastball and a good curveball. Now he’s got a good slider and a good curveball and it makes a huge difference.
  • Jedd Gyorko had a good day in Arizona yesterday. Yonder Alonso is going to hit off a tee today for the first time which is good news.
  • Nick Vincent is going to throw a bullpen on Friday and if that goes well he’ll make a rehab appearance on Monday. Everth Cabrera will meet the team in LA to do baseball related activities.

Tune into FOX Sports San Diego or The Mighty 1090 at 12:10pm PT for the final game of the series with the Rockies and Padres.

 July 9th Lineup…

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