VP/Assistant General Manager A.J. Hinch to Leave Organization

2013 San Diego Padres MLB DraftThe team announced this morning that Vice President and Assistant General Manager A.J. Hinch has informed Executive Chairman Ron Fowler that he will be leaving the organization. Hinch has been working in the office of the General Manager since July 22nd when Josh Byrnes was relieved of his duties.

Official Release:


SAN DIEGO – The San Diego Padres today announced Vice President/Assistant General Manager A.J. Hinch has informed Executive Chairman Ron Fowler that he will be departing the organization to pursue other opportunities in baseball, effective immediately.

“I want to thank A.J. for his hard work and commitment to the Padres over the past four years,” said Fowler. “He has represented the organization well, and we wish him nothing but the best in his future endeavors.”

“During my time in San Diego, I dedicated myself to do everything I could to help this team win, in the short-term and for the long-term. These last several weeks were no exception,” said Hinch. “I think the organization is ready for a transition and I’ve made a decision and told Ron Fowler and Mike Dee that now is the right time for me to move on.   I’m proud to have always operated in the best interest of the organization and to have established long lasting relationships with people who work on and off the field in San Diego.  I wish the Padres and the new GM well in the future and look forward to the next chapter of my baseball career.”

The search for a new General Manager is reportedly drawing towards a conclusion.

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I think A.J.Leaving Is a good Baseball move. The next GOOD BASEBALL MOVE would be Ron Fowler to resign and move on, He does not come from a baseball back ground, He has never been a baseball scout, He does not know how to evaluate a true baseball player. I wish someone could give me a explanation on why Ron Fowler is Executive Chairman of our San Diego Padres??? Again i am calling out to the Padres P.R. to give me an answer!!!

He owns the team maybe?

Maybe he does own a small percent of the club, But in the baseball world who’s name and face of the franchise would you like to see, Ron Fowler or the O’Malley’s? Fowler DOES NOT HAVE A BASEBALL BACKGROUND. If you have been following what Management has been saying for years they are a small market team that is based on their tv contract with Fox and Cox over the years. like have said before on the friarwire get baseball people in here to make baseball decisions not Ron Fowler. That is all i am saying. (from a long time Padre Fan since 1963) How long have you been a Padre fan Deth?

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I have not understood many of the front office decisions in quite some time. I believe that it has gotten to the point that MLB should consider assuming control of this team. I can not see how they are trying to build a winning team, they seem more geared toward trying to build a profitable franchise. When not one of the executives already on the payroll and knowledgeable of the inner workings of the franchise wants to be the GM there is a reason. Who wants to assume leadership of a team that made all of these trades BEFORE they hired them.The trades have been, at best, questionable and the non trades a mystery. Not moving Kennedy for a power hitting prospect and position players when we have so many young pitchers ready for next year was incomprehensible. Signing Smith to a 2 year contract when he had peak value was ridiculous. The original excitement when the “new owners” purchased the team was mostly generated by the involvement of the O’Malley’s and Phil Mickelson. Mickelson backed out and I can’t remember the last time I heard the O’Malley name. Now the rumor is they are leaning towards hiring Brian Cashman’s right hand man from the Yankees for GM. Just about anyone would agree that very few millionaires know what to look for in a thrift store.

Thanks Nick for your comments i agree with you.

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